July 31, 2021

Aset Oracle, Year 29

 Following is the transcript of the Oracle of the Year delivered to us by the goddess Aset (Isis) on Her holiday called "Aset Luminous" (occurring on July 2 in Gregorian 2021). Each year, we receive such an oracle to provide wisdom about the Kemetic Orthodox year to come. This year's Wep Ronpet (Kemetic Orthodox New Year, the modern celebration of the ancient Egyptian New Year) occurs on August 5, and this oracle is to cover the next Kemetic year (through Gregorian August 2022). Anhur, a praise name meaning "bringer of the distant one" which is an epithet of the primordial god Shu, is the protective or guardian deity over this year. The colors of this year (to be used in decorating altars or shrines, or for heka purposes to bless and protect) are white and gold to mimic the wind and the sunlight that are His manifestations.

Dua Shu who is Anhur!

Oracle of Year 29 received at Aset Luminous, Year 28 IV Shomu 2 (July 2, 2021CE)

Zep Tepi is always a beginning, but sometimes, things are not complete from the year that has passed. While there is new beginning, new chances, new intentions, new opportunity, there are also things that persist. Some things continue because they are part of the cycle. Other things continue because they must, until they reach their Ma'at. Yet other things continue until changes are made. All these realities are true for you in this time when I am speaking, both the year that is passing and the year that strives to be born.

I am the Throne and I speak of the foundations of creation before all things, before deities and humans and trees and flowing water. I am with you and I have always been with you. I know your fate and your destiny. I know you have promises from last year that were broken and others that were never fulfilled. You can still keep them. Your opportunity to do so will not last forever. You have not forgotten, and neither have I. Keep your promises, including the ones you have made to yourselves.

For some of you, the year of the Flame was more harsh than for others. She brought blessing, and She also came to carry out Ma'at and return balance in a time of its lack. May you be comforted in your losses and celebrated in your gains. May you remember the lessons you learned and not need to repeat them. May you never forget the strength you found in linking with others, in coming together instead of running away. Your hands should still be reaching toward each other, in love, in companionship, in strength, and in rescue. 

Release the anger that will destroy you from within. Fight the divisions that will bring all of creation to flame and destruction. The angered Eye acted by the will of Her Father. She did not go forth because She was angry, or because She desired revenge. When She exceeded Her mandate, She was appeased and came home. Even as the Wandering Eye flees in anger, She is brought to peace. In this cycle of loss and recovery, so too shall you find recovery from loss. Cease wrath where it is not necessary for your survival. If even the divine wrath comes to an end, why should yours be eternal?

Read my words from the last Oracle again. They remain as true as they were the day I spoke them. You still have work to do. Zep Tepi will not erase the need for that work. If anything, it has become even more urgent, as you come closer to understanding Ma'at and what is needed in order to bring Ma'at to fruition in your world. There are many remaining tasks to be completed, hearts that must be mended, wrongs that must be righted. There is much for you to do and you cannot do it by yourselves. Not even all of the children of the Netjeru are enough to finish these tasks, which will involve all beings who live within that which Ra encircles.

We have asked you to come together before. We cannot bless you unless you accept Our blessing. What is given can be taken, or it can be left to wander alone forever. Because We wish for you to receive this blessing, We have chosen a messenger in this year to help you find it.

Firstborn Lion of Creation, Slayer of His Enemies, He Who Brings the Distant comes forth in this Opening of the Year. He retrieves the Flame, He ceases Her angry wanderings, and He finishes the work of Her appeasement. With laughter and joy, with the promise of feasting and dancing, He convinces Her to turn Her kindly face toward You again. For it is never violence that ceases violence, or more pain that ceases pain. Love, and the remembrance of that which is most beloved, will bring you to Ma'at. This Ma'at must be established within your own hearts individually, and collectively among your peoples.

Even in this great work the First Lion did not make his journey alone. With the wisdom of Djehuty, and the blessing of Ra, Anhur-Who-is-Shu went forth. He brings Their blessings to you this year. Do not neglect Their gifts of wisdom and authority. Both will be helpful to you just as They were helpful to Anhur as He sought reunion with the Distant One. 

Accept His blessing and join Him on his journey. Your beloved will be found, but like Anhur, you must retrieve it. Go forth and find Her.

Deity of the Year: Shu as Anhur, "The Bringer of the Distant One" (i.e., the Wandering Eye goddess, called Tefnut, Sekhmet, Hathor, Menhit, Nebtu and other names in the sources)

Colors of the Year: white and gold (wind and sunlight)

For more information on the Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic Calendar) see the Ronpet app! http://www.ronpet.app created with data from The Ancient Egyptian Daybook http://www.egyptiandaybook.com 

August 1, 2020

Aset Oracle, Year 28

Following is the transcript of the Oracle of the Year delivered to us by the goddess Aset (Isis) on Her holiday called "Aset Luminous" (occurring on July 2 in Gregorian 2020). Each year, we receive such an oracle to provide wisdom about the Kemetic Orthodox year to come. This year's Wep Ronpet (Kemetic Orthodox New Year, the modern celebration of the ancient Egyptian New Year) occurs on August 5, and this oracle is to cover the next Kemetic year through August 2021. Sekhmet, in Her form of Nesret the Powerful Flame, is the protective/guardian deity of this year. The colors of the year (to be used in decorating altars or shrines, or for heka purposes to bless and protect) are red and white in even distribution (see the oracle for the reasons why we balance Her red with white this year).

Dua Sekhmet-Nesret! Dua Aset!

Oracle of Year 28
received at Aset Luminous, IV Shomu 2 (July 1, 2020CE)

Touch your mouths to the ground in honor of Zep Tepi, shining above you, once again.

Touch your mouths to the ground in gratitude for your life, for your health, for your prosperity. We renew all these blessings for you this year.

Touch your mouths to the ground and avert your eyes as She of the Flame, Greatest of Eyes, Mistress of Arrows, goes forth with Her messengers into all the districts. Allow Her to pass over and through you, to remove all isfet, to burn away sickness, to drive all that is not in Ma'at from all places where you are.

In this year She comes as strong flame, for you have need of it. Whether She ends this year burning or in peace, is in your power to change. The Powerful One was pacified after Her wrathful birth and became once more the Lady of Joy, the Sweet Mistress of Love. She may be again. See to it that Her offerings of appeasement are given. You have made your promises; now keep them.

The Ma'at of this year is in your hands, as it has always been. In this year your hands are more able to feel Her weight. For some, their burdens are already too heavy. Will you carry Her for those whose hands are chained or weighted down? You must all come together, for you are not and never have been forsaken.

Bring Ma'at to the places She has not yet come. Do not wait for someone else to make the first offering. Appropriate action and justice lead to Ma'at. Hearing truth and making it known leads to Ma'at. Your voices, your thoughts, your promises, your very kau lead to Ma'at. Will you follow?

Will you do Her work or will She pass by and leave you in flame? You have the tools to quench Her fire in your keeping, just as you had tools to avoid its coming but did not use them. If you do not quench Her fire, it will consume you. She of the Beer in the Night consumed the wicked of Neni-nisut, and She will not fail to consume wickedness in this year.

Do not make your flesh desirable to Her. Turn Her wrathful face, as She will not be deterred from what needs to be destroyed. You do not need to be destroyed - unless you choose to be.

You know how to appease the Great Flame. You know how to bring joy to the Eye. You know how to entice Her to return to Her seat in peace and gladness. We have shown this to you since Zep Tepi. Each year, Anhur and Djehuty bring Her back for dancing and laughing and feasting and great joy of all kinds. The Heka-Speaker of the Two Lands, one who is helpful to you, has shown you how to appease Her. Do not neglect the ritual. Do not neglect to appease the Flame, lest She be out of control.

Do not wait for the time of the Eye's movement to appease Her. Appease Her in all things, each day. Pray, give good offerings, and create Ma'at, in order that Ma'at will satisfy Her and keep her from your throats. This year is very red. This year add white to the red so that Ma'at is next to the flame, and brings Her peace and appeasement. Wherever you use red in ritual in this year, always place Ma'at next to it, in honor of the Flame and its balance.

Do Ma'at for all people. There are no exceptions in this year. You must be the Ma'at that is needed. You must act as one, and have compassion for all who have suffered the calamities that came with opening the wrong doors in the year of the Opener.

His year, once again, has passed. Now you continue your work in Ma'at. The Son of Ra continues to guide you with My blessing, and must be supported in bringing Ma'at to all people everywhere. You must each do this work; it is not solely for the Son of Ra, Beloved of the Netjeru, to do. Do not stop and do not be deterred. Place the Flame in Her proper place in order that She brings the light of Ma'at and not the fire of destruction.

Deity of the year: Sekhmet-Hethert as Nesret, "She of Flame"
Colors of the year: red and white (or red and white stripes of even size in cloth)

March 20, 2020

A Prayer to Sekhmet for Our Times

In Kemetic Orthodoxy, we have a great goddess that we call on for health, and for protection against plague. Her name is Sekhmet, the Powerful Woman. As the Eye of Ra, Sekhmet can destroy, and in this case She can destroy the seeds of illness.

I invite you to join me in adding a prayer to Sekhmet as part of your daily devotions. Following is the prayer I will be saying each day as we battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. You are welcome to share this prayer anywhere you like. I ask only that you note where it comes from, since it is my creation, as an adaptation of a translation of larger ancient rites to Sekhmet for the destruction of illness and evil.

Prayer to Sekhmet against COVID-19
Rev. Dr. Tamara L. Siuda, March 20, 2020

O Sekhmet, Eye of Ra,
Powerful Flame,
Protectress of those whom She created,
O Sekhmet Who lights up the land with Her flame,
Who gives life to everyone:
Come, Sekhmet! Free us!
Save us from the misfortunes of this time.
May they never have power over us, forever.

Powerful One of Fire,
Who makes the virus tremble with fear of Her,
Come to us! Stop all calamity!
May our beginning be life, our middle be health, and our end be strength.
May there be cooperation between us.
May there be protection against all our enemies, living or dead.
Appease in our favor the Great Nine;
Appease in our favor the Lesser Nine;
Appease in our favor all the blessed dead,
as Ra is agreeable to His following,
in this time of our need.

O Pure Mother,
grant that all of the peoples of our world,
the generations we know and generations still to come,
be pure of all evil contamination,
of all bad winds,
and all bad journeys for this time.