August 25, 2010

The Year 18 Oracle of Aset

Em hotep (in peace!)

Each year we receive an oracle from the goddess Aset (Isis) concerning the year to come, which for us is marked at Wep Ronpet ("the Opening of the Year," Kemetic new year's day, which in 2010 fell on 7 August).  In it She talks about the nature of the year and gives advice about how we should be acting, and then declares which gods are over the year as its guardians and special focus.

This year we got a very strange Oracle, even for Aset. It's even more cryptic than they usually are, but that makes a bit of sense given what the year is being called: the Year of Zep Tepi, a Kemetic term for the "first time" or "first occurrence," a direct reference to the eternally-renewable moment and concept of creation. Apologies for not posting this sooner.  It's already been a pretty creative and busy time!
The Oracle of Aset for Year 18

The Year of Wisdom has Become and Gone. Keep your wisdom close and dear, for the Lord of All, the Lord of Zep-Tepi, He Whose Sun-Barque never fails as it sails across the sky, tells you now to mark each moment.