August 8, 2017

Aset Oracle, Year 25

As is currently on hiatus and thus "Kemet Today" is not being updated there at the moment, we need somewhere to post the Oracle of the goddess Aset (Isis) for the Kemetic Orthodox Year 25. Thankfully this original blog of mine is still functional and available, so here we are. Em hotep (in peace) to all of you once again!

Following is the transcript of the Oracle of the Year delivered to us by the goddess Aset on Her holiday called "Aset Luminous" about a month ago. Each year, we receive such an oracle to provide information about the Kemetic Orthodox year to come. This year's Wep Ronpet (Kemetic Orthodox New Year, or the ancient Egyptian New Year) was on August 5, and this oracle is in force until next July. The deities Who are considered to be protecting the year are two goddesses: Sekhmet and Ma'at. The colors of the year (to be used in decoration for Their shrines, or for heka purposes to bless and protect this year) are red and white.

Dua Sekhmet! Dua Ma'at! Dua Aset!

Aset Oracle delivered at Aset Luminous, Regnal Year 24 (2 July 2017CE), for Kemetic Orthodox Year 25 (5 August 2017CE - 30 July 2018CE)

Hear the words of the Luminous, Mother of the God and the Great King, She Who is Present in the life of the world as magic, Aset the Very Great. I am She, and I say to you in the year of the Two Princes that the message of this year (editor's note: see the Year 24 Oracle here for more details) is still valid. It is still true. It still calls out for you to heed it. Have I spoken in vain? Will you not accept this gift of love that I have provided, that all of the Netjeru have given to you as your gift and your birthright? Will you allow your fear and your shame to cause you to deny that which is best and most bright in your secret hearts?

No more.

There must be no more thinking of the things that you will do one day. There is no one day for you. There is today, this day. There is what you are, where you are, and when you are, Now. Right now. Cease chasing after an impossible moment because it has not yet come. Now, your present moment in time, the gift of mortal lives, is yours. Until you know immortality, you have no need to chase it. You may as well chase the boat of Ra. You have love, and you have Now. Cease thinking, cease chasing. Be. Be now. Be in Ma’at at the moment of Zep Tepi, your moment of Zep Tepi, your moment of creation. Take this creation into your hands, and take it up. Be it. Live. Love. Be now.

She is coming and She has come, Mistress of the Blood-Red Garment, Powerful One, the Drinker of the beer-mash in the night. She is coming and She has come, in Ma’at, to destroy destruction, to cease chasing, to end those who defy Ma’at in Her time. The Powerful One has come. Will you rage and rend and split and slaughter? Or will you slake your thirst for vengeance as She did, will you end your quest for vindication and return in glory and beauty, as She-of-Love returned to Her Father once She had wiped the blood from Her maw and the anger from Her hair?

Appropriate action is not simple, but it is Ma’at. Even this great Sekhmet, She must do Ma’at and She must be Ma’at, in Her time. If even this goddess is subject to Ma’at, how can you think you are above it? How do you think you will escape responsibility?

Ma’at comes, is coming, has come. This year that opens after Me, I tell you Now, it begins in Sekhmet, and it ends in Ma’at. You will begin in Sekhmet, and you will end in Ma’at. Together Sekhmet and Ma’at make the right, They open the way, They bring things to the balance of judgment. They challenge and build.

Will you? Will you take up what you love, your lovers, and your Ma’at, and join Them? Or will you be lost in slaughtering? The King Who speaks for the Two Lands, Who sits on My Throne because I will it, has taken Ma’at and given it to the Netjeru, so it can be returned to you. United with the heart of Ma’at, beloved of the Netjeru, the one helpful to people must also be helped, as Ma’at is given and then returned upon the royal altars on behalf of all.

Do not chase. Do not wander. Do not slaughter without reason. Do not pass your responsibility to another. Do not fail to keep your word. She comes, She is coming, She has come. You are given Now. What you make of Now, is in your hands to make. Make it, then, fully and with all the love that you possess.