November 6, 2010

November 2010 Beginners - Check your Spam Filters!

A total of 82 beginners were approved for the next class starting this coming week. One week ago we sent out confirmation letters, and only 43 were responded to. While we normally do expect to lose a few emails along the way, and at least 5 of those emails did come back as unanswerable, we are concerned that the rest of the confirmations didn't get to their destinations because of aggressive spam filtering.

Make sure that you've checked to see if or emails are in your spam filters if you were expecting a mail from us. Also, try very hard to hit the "delete" button rather than the "spam" button in your email - in particular, AOL has been reporting that people have been clicking "spam" buttons on some of our mailings, resulting in issues with these mails reaching our members of all membership types. Put us in your preferred senders listing if you can and it will make sure you don't miss important email!