August 2, 2018

Aset Oracle, Year 26

As is on hiatus and "Kemet Today" is not being updated there, I'll post the Kemetic Orthodox Year 26 Oracle of the goddess Aset (Isis) on this website.

Following is the transcript of the Oracle of the Year delivered to us by the goddess Aset on Her holiday called "Aset Luminous" (occurring on July 2 in Gregorian 2018). Each year, we receive such an oracle to provide wisdom about the Kemetic Orthodox year to come. This year's Wep Ronpet (Kemetic Orthodox New Year, the modern celebration of the ancient Egyptian New Year) occurs on August 5, and this oracle is to cover the next Kemetic year through August 2019. Ra is the protective/guardian deity of this year. The color of the year (to be used in decorating altars or shrines, or for heka purposes to bless and protect) is red.

Dua Ra! Dua Aset!

Aset Oracle delivered at Aset Luminous, Regnal Year 25 (2 July 2018), for Kemetic Orthodox Year 26 (5 August 2018 - 30 July 2019)

Greetings to you in the time of the renewal of the year, from the Mother of God, Aset the Great, I Who am luminous and strong in the prow of the Boat of Millions, the possessor of that great and terrible secret Ren of Ra that makes Ma’at to be exalted in all Her places. Blessings to those who hear with their ears, and who listen with their hearts, to the words that I address to the people of Ma’at, and the children of the Netjeru everywhere, My children:

The year is renewed in Sekhmet and Ma’at, in power and truth, in red and white, in blood and light. The year that has passed in djet is truly passed, and is no more. This year is for the judging of what came to pass in the year previous. What have you done? What have you promised? What have you carried out? What were your words and your actions before the Red and the White? Are they justified? Have you passed before the Two Truths, or are you standing shivering and naked in the hall, afraid to face your own consequences to the events of your own making?

Come before Me, as I am one of the Two Ma’ati, the voice of the voiceless in that hall where all are judged before the Pure One in His Field. Come before Me, and say your words, earn your censure and your praises, and make your amends. Judge yourself and be free. Stop putting your guilty hands on the scales of Ma’at and punishing yourselves. That is not yours to do but Ours. We will dispense Ma’at in its time.

Ma’at cannot come, because Ma’at is already among you. What remains is for you to assist Her in Her work, to take up your own responsibility and your own power and to carry out Her sentence. Start it in your own life, then move outward. Create a chain of Ma’at so strong that it holds all, and cannot be broken. Do not allow the weakness of any part of the chain to undo the work. Reach out your hands, and seal the breach. If your hands do not join, there can be no joining. If you cannot strive together, you cannot be victorious.

In this year I send you the Secret Name and the light and the blessing of My Father, Ra, Who calls this year His. You shall shine in His brilliance and be unified in His love, all the created beings under the sun of His divine barques in joy and in interminable blessing, but only if you also join together with His crew to pull the chains of the barque through the hours of the night and past the uncreated. Every hand, every eye, every bit of strength is needed to rise up and support the King of all creation, to hold up His throne as well as the one Who is seated there.

United you shall not be separated, nor will you suffer. We ask again that you set aside your differences and unite in Ma’at and power before Him. Those who pledge themselves to the Sun cannot be harmed in this year. He rises in Wep Ronpet as Zep Tepi incarnate to illuminate the way. He rises for each of you, in glorious love. He rises, and you live.

June 15, 2018

Official Kemetic Orthodox Statement regarding Immigration in the USA

My official Kemetic Orthodox statement on unjust actions by ICE and Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding immigrants and refugees is here: #AbolishICE #ProsecuteICE #FamiliesBelongTogether