July 31, 2022

Aset Oracle, Year 30

Following is the transcript of the Oracle of the Year delivered to us by the goddess Aset (Isis) on Her holiday called "Aset Luminous" (occurring on July 2 in Gregorian 2022). Each year, we receive such an oracle to provide wisdom about the Kemetic Orthodox year to come. This year's Wep Ronpet (Kemetic Orthodox New Year, the modern celebration of ancient Egyptian New Year) occurs August 5. This oracle is to cover the next Kemetic year, that is, through Gregorian August 2022. Sema-Tawy, an epithet or praise name meaning "uniter of the Two Lands" which is an epithet of the god Heru-sa-Aset (Horus son of Isis, the Younger Horus), is the protective or guardian deity over this year. The colors of this year (to be used in decorating altars or shrines, or for heka purposes to bless and protect) are red and black, the heraldic colors of the Two Lands of Kemet/ancient Egypt.

Dua Heru-Sema-Tawy!

Oracle of Year 30 received at Aset Luminous, Year 29 IV Shomu 2 (July 2, 2022CE)

I am Aset the Great of Magic, Mother of God, and I speak to you once again.

I speak as the Widow, who weeps for what is lost. I speak as the Throne, who validates and restores, who seats the one who holds My power as trust for all. I repeat all I have said before, and I add to the record of what is needed in this zep tepi, this opening of the year as Anhur finds the Distant One and brings Her back in peace.

Ra rises above you, for the first time and every time. He shines upon all, those who welcome His light and those who curse it from the shadow. He judges all creation to be worthy then descends into the Duat, to be among those who await His light there. 

All creation is worthy. When you seek to judge, remind yourselves that the Lord of All has already made the day's judgement. Let your desire to take His power fall aside. There is a day for judgement, in the halls where I watch, at the proper time for each ka who comes there. You do not know when that day will come for yourself or for anyone. Yours is not that responsibility. Cease judging, neither judging others nor judging yourselves, for you cannot know what Ra sees from where He rises above. 

Now the cycle will begin again. Many of you have suffered. We hear your prayers. We hear you weeping. We weep with you as you suffer plague and death and battle and hatred and neglect. We do not wish for you to suffer. We do not wish for you to be alone in your griefs. We never wish for you to be in pain. So, in this year as you continue to emerge from a time when the slaughterers walked the lands We send to you My son, in His Name of Sema-Tawy. He will unite the Two Lands again and provide the Distant One a place to celebrate Her return.

Two Lands are united, yet separate. They are different, and yet together as one. They provide a place for all who choose to be united to unite in common purpose, with the help of the one I place upon the throne, not to command you but to call you together to share the blessings We give you in this year of unification. They are Red Land and Black Land, Red Crown and White Crown, together. Carry red and black together in equal measure as you bring the Two Lands into Ma'at.

Let the lands where you live know your commitment to care for them, as you spread beyond the Two Lands of zep tepi into all Ra encircles, all your world. The Two Lands are Kemet and they are in every place your hearts reside, within you. They are among you as the uniters, along with My son.

There will be peace and there will be challenge. There will be joy and there will be difficulty to bear. He is with you through all in this year, uniting you, reminding you of the power in your unity. All the Netjeru are with you, in love and ma'at and deep satisfaction, in peace and prosperity and in health. We will defend you against what will come. We will help you to do the work you want to do as well as the work you must do. Act with us. Connect with us and together we will unite the Two Lands.

Those who oppose connection, who oppose Ma'at, come to judgment. Sema-Tawy comes as the uniter but also as the defender. The Two Lands are not created in peace, they are created in  battle, and there will be battle this year. But the greatest warrior fights at your side. Fight with Him and not against Him, and your victories will be unending. 

You are not without strength, but you lack unity. Unity is your hands. Unity is your voices. Unity is the Uniter of the Two Lands moving through your hands and voices like the northern wind, bringing life to those who need it. Do not despair, for there is help at hand. The choices you make - for unity or division - create or destroy the Two Lands in your lives. Choose with care, but do not neglect to choose or your choices may be made for you.

Ra rises each day, bringing zep tepi and another chance to choose. This power is yours to hold and to use as you wish, as I granted it to My son so He might aid you in uniting your Two Lands. I give it to you as the key that unlocks your power, which you can use in unity with others to create ma'at everywhere. May you wield this ma'at every day. May you be with ma'at every day, and may Ma'at be with you every day as your protection and your blessing.

Deity of the Year: Heru-sa-Aset as Sema-Tawy, "Uniter of the Two Lands" (i.e., Upper and Lower Kemet/Egypt; called Harsomtus in Greek/Classical sources)

Colors of the Year: red and black (for the Two Lands of Kemet)

For more information on the Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) Festival Calendar, or to calibrate your own, see the Ronpet app! http://www.ronpet.app created with data from The Ancient Egyptian Daybook http://www.egyptiandaybook.com