June 28, 2013

Book reviews available

I recently learned that two of my books were reviewed (and more than once!). You can check them out here: Ser's review of The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook Devo's review of The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook Ser's review of Nebt-het: Lady of the House I was a bit surprised to read that the Prayerbook was interpreted by both reviewers as somehow intended solely for a Kemetic Orthodox audience, as I never intended for it to be just for them. Perhaps that just shows that you can never control how people interpret your work, once it leaves your head. I suppose that it is also easy to mistake me for the religion I founded, though the latter has quite a life of its own. It is very good, however, to get some feedback and review of the books in the larger world. Many writers don't read their reviews. I understand that motivation; it's not always easy to read negative reactions or be on the receiving end of internet disdain. But I think it's important, if you actually do write for people other than yourself, to have some idea of what interests them, what they respond to, and how. It's not so much to write in a way that caters to them. Unless, of course, that's why you write. The intention of receiving that feedback is to make your next work that much more useful/better/accessible. Or maybe I'm just a masochist. Who knows? In any case, I am grateful for the reviews, and for any reviews, of my work.