March 5, 2009

Namings, New Remetj and more news


On 28 January we Named Yineputjeryt and Senusenu as Shemsu of the faith, nekhtet! We also gave four rootnames to children of the faith: Iahemheb-khemet, Hatyt's son; Sherinutemhebet, Ikemwy's daughter; Hekauemhebet, Nai's daughter; and Biquemheb, Takhau's son. Nekhtet for all the people of Kemet!

A warm welcome to the 30 newest members of the Kemetic Orthodox Faith who completed their beginners' class and opted to stay with us:

Patricia B. of Kansas
Shannon B. of Missouri
Jade C. of England
Denise D. of California
Samantha F. of Arkansas
Clare H. of England
Holly H. of Pennsylvania
Raisa L. of Connecticut
Jamie L. of Portugal
Marina M. of England
Allati M. of Scotland
Samantha M. of England
Janice O. of North Carolina
Amber O. of England
Heather P. of Pennsylvania
Ya (Samantha) P. of Washington, D.C.
Nuria N. of Argentina
Kate R. of Texas
Miriam R. of Oregon
Jessica S. of New Zealand
Catlin S. of Pennsylvania
Dylan S. of Brazil
Zach S. of Kansas
Jacob S. of Connecticut
Kate T. of Washington state
Brent T. of Canada
Brittany U. of Pennsylvania
Rebecca V. of Iowa
Rachel W. of Ohio
Denise W. of Massachusetts

Our Los Angeles gathering scheduled for next week is being rescheduled for June. We're also having to reschedule the Texas gathering in April; however, the New York City gathering in April is still on. Contact your Imyu-ra, or my office, for more information on how to attend. I'm looking forward to several days of events with all of you on the East Coast!