December 5, 2008

Back to Kemet we go!

I'm about to pack up the laptop and head out the door toward our waiting airport adventure. Naturally that part of the trip isn't the part you look forward to; it's what comes after the Homeland Security lines and ticket counters and baggage claims.

At this time tomorrow we'll be readying to land in the Two Lands, and five of my students and priests will be experiencing Kemet first-hand in the form of modern Egypt. Several of them have been to Egypt before; others haven't gone at all, and at least one has never traveled outside of North America, so I'm thinking that we're about to have an experience worth remembering that will be quite different for each of us. This will be my fifth visit to the holy land of our gods and goddesses, and I am filled with a mixture of excitement and wonder at having the chance to go, and wishing that each one of you who reads these words could come along with me.

I'll do my best to try and capture the experience for you as we can. But for now, the airport taxi awaits....

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  1. Safe travel, Nisut! I'm excited to see all the amazing pictures you guys will bring back :)