October 28, 2010

Welcome 19 new members!

Em hotep to the children of Netjer!

Please join me in welcoming the 19 newest members of the Kemetic Orthodox Faith:

Jessica B. of Australia
James B. of New Jersey
Aileen D. of Brazil
Rachel F. of Pennsylvania
Justin H. of South Carolina
Amber I. of Texas
Olivia K. of England
Mallory K. of Illinois
Kira M. of New York
Erik M. of New Jersey
Linda M. of Indiana
Eliott M. of Washington, DC
Mark N. of Michigan
Larissa P. of New York
Saphrone "Ron" S. of North Carolina
Rodrigo "Agathos" S. of Brazil
Tori S. of Trinidad and Tobago
Karess W. of California
Jess W. of Minnesota

Nekhtet for the new Remetj!


  1. What happened to the beginners class that was to start on October 15. I never heard back after sending my application. :(

  2. We're still going through the applications; we had quite a few more than we expected! You should be hearing back in the next few days.

  3. So wonderful to be a part of this group =)