February 2, 2011

Welcome, 22 New Remetj!

In the midst of change, growth. Nekhtet!

Em hotep to the children of Netjer!

Please join me in welcoming the following 22 new Remetj to the House of Netjer.

Dave A. of Scotland
Robert A. of Alabama
Angela B. of Georgia
Nicola B. of England
Joshua C. of North Carolina
Ruimar B. of Brazil
Lana D. of Indiana
Hope E. of Alabama
Carol F. of Nevada
Tracy G. of England
Ashley H. of Kentucky
Will H. of Indiana
Lawrence H. of Illinois
Michelle B. of Nevada
Paul K. of Ohio
Ann K. of Connecticut
Amber P. of Virginia
Livy R. of Georgia
Sarah S. of Michigan
Renee S. of New Jersey
Jenn T. of Canada
Karlixle W. of Ohio

Nekhtet and welcome to each one of you.

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