May 2, 2013

Two years on...coming back to the Two Lands

Two years ago, I consolidated this blog with my personal website. At the time, it made sense, as I was trying to disengage from a fragmented life, where I wore many hats and functioned as many people in different parts of my life. I was making a statement –  I am me, not my job(s) – and I was also trying to simplify my online presence.

It worked, for that time. Now, my needs are changing once again, and I've got more to say that specifically applies to the religion I founded, Kemetic Orthodoxy, and its main temple, The House of Netjer. It's time to have a separate blog for things Kemet again.

So I've remade the old site, with a new design, and a new URL, This blog will be for things related strictly to my Kemetic faith, and the wonderful people and wondrous deities I get to share that faith with. You'll still want to check out my personal page for information about my various writing projects or my "secular" life, and soon enough, there'll be more content on my other religion-related website pertaining to Haitian Vodou, but for now just know that Kemet Today is back, and it's not about two years ago anymore.

How's it looking on your browsers and/or your mobile? Let me know. We have the technology to improve it!

Looking forward to our future discussions.


  1. :-) Em hotep, Hemet, looking forward to more on this page, wishing you all the energy you need to keep up with all your interests.
    Best regards

  2. Em hotep and nekhtet for the update! I'm on my phone and It's looking great. I look forward to reading more!