July 31, 2013

Year 21: Oracle of Aset

Each year, during the Aset Luminous festival, an oracle of the goddess Aset (Isis) is recorded, to discuss the year to come. These years are numbered by Kemetic Orthodox custom beginning at the heliacal rising of Sopdet (Sirius) over the main temple of the faith in Joliet, IL. This year, Wep Ronpet, or the "opening of the year," is marked beginning August 3, 2013. We share the Aset Oracle publicly for anyone who might be interested. This year is to be marked under the special protection and blessing of the god Heru-sa-Aset (Horus, son of Isis and Osiris), and is given the colors white and red, after the two crowns He wears in victory. Dua Aset! Dua Heru-sa-Aset! Nekhtet!

The sky abides.

Nut is above, offering the hope of sunrise to come. 

The sky abides: the love of a mother arching over all Her children, over Her husband the patient, steady earth, guided by the support of two horizons and the pillars of Shu. 

The sky abides, bearing within itself the seed of light, the beginning of the beginning, the newness of promise. 

The sky abides. She will never leave you, and Her gift of hope remains in your hearts.

Sadness was the result when earth and sky were separated. Sadness was the result when Wesir and I were separated. But just as Geb and Nut created life between Them, Wesir and I created life between Us. 

After sadness came hope, and after hope came the child of promise, the Heru who lives.

My son Heru comes on golden wings, a victorious king, holding the sky’s hope in His grasp.

From Ra to Wesir, from Wesir to His son, from His son to all Who wear Tawy’s diadems, the promise and power of Zep Tepi, all the power of the sky, abides. 

My son walks among you, bringing you His year. His year speaks power and authority, wielded with wisdom. His year speaks the knowledge that the lessons you have learned have brought with them greater command, greater love, greater gifts to come.

The sky abides. 

The year is new. 

What difficulty has come to pass is completed for now. Let it trouble you no more. Bless it and leave it for the sky to uncover. Bless it, and leave it for My son to grasp in His two hands, that He might have the victory.

For His victory is eternal, and His strength is for all who walk within the paths of Ma’at. His year is a year of victory and strength, of accomplishment and fervor. 

It is your year now. 

May you use its gifts with the wisdom you have gained. May you live, be healthy, and prosperous, under His reign.

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