July 31, 2014

Aset Oracle, Year 22

Year 22 Oracle, spoken at Aset Luminous, 2014

Awake, Children of Netjer.

Awake, to see the splendor of Ra.

Awake, to feel Shu and Tefnut.

Awake, to walk upon Geb under Nut’s belly.

Awake, to the care of Wesir, of Heru, of Nebt-het.

Awaken, to welcome the year that is coming.

Awaken, Listen, Speak, to the Year that is Mine.

I am Clever of Speech.

I am Aset, Great of heka, Mistress of Heaven.
I am all that you think you know. I am nothing like what you think you know.
So too will be this Year.

This is the year that brings its own heka.
This year will be as simple as the first breath. As simple as one word.
This year will be anything but simple.

Speech may be clever. Speech may be simple.
Speech may not be clever or simple.

In this Year, My Year, you may understand what you do, and do not do; what you speak and what you will not speak, what is appropriate for you, and what is not.

It will not be what you think.

It will not be simple.


  1. *Henu*
    Nisut AUS...may I have your permission to copy this to my FB Page?

    1. Absolutely; just credit where it came from please. :)

  2. Dua Aset! Nekhtet!

  3. EmHotep Hemet (AUS) *Full Henu*,

    Thank you for this! Dua Aset! Nekhtet!