March 20, 2020

A Prayer to Sekhmet for Our Times

In Kemetic Orthodoxy, we have a great goddess that we call on for health, and for protection against plague. Her name is Sekhmet, the Powerful Woman. As the Eye of Ra, Sekhmet can destroy, and in this case She can destroy the seeds of illness.

I invite you to join me in adding a prayer to Sekhmet as part of your daily devotions. Following is the prayer I will be saying each day as we battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. You are welcome to share this prayer anywhere you like. I ask only that you note where it comes from, since it is my creation, as an adaptation of a translation of larger ancient rites to Sekhmet for the destruction of illness and evil.

Prayer to Sekhmet against COVID-19
Rev. Dr. Tamara L. Siuda, March 20, 2020

O Sekhmet, Eye of Ra,
Powerful Flame,
Protectress of those whom She created,
O Sekhmet Who lights up the land with Her flame,
Who gives life to everyone:
Come, Sekhmet! Free us!
Save us from the misfortunes of this time.
May they never have power over us, forever.

Powerful One of Fire,
Who makes the virus tremble with fear of Her,
Come to us! Stop all calamity!
May our beginning be life, our middle be health, and our end be strength.
May there be cooperation between us.
May there be protection against all our enemies, living or dead.
Appease in our favor the Great Nine;
Appease in our favor the Lesser Nine;
Appease in our favor all the blessed dead,
as Ra is agreeable to His following,
in this time of our need.

O Pure Mother,
grant that all of the peoples of our world,
the generations we know and generations still to come,
be pure of all evil contamination,
of all bad winds,
and all bad journeys for this time.