July 15, 2009

Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook re-released!

Em hotep!

And yes, here's the big news I was hinting about on Twitter earlier....

I'm really excited today. Finally, after a great deal of effort and all the help of our friend Jordan at Azrael Press, The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook has been republished. It will be available in any bookstore in a couple of weeks using its ISBN number (978-0-578-03071-5), but for now it is available at the website, egyptianprayers.com.

The new format is larger (6x9 inches) and so the text is a little bit bigger for easier reading. Other than a new cover and an expanded index, it's the same as the original version. Please spread the word that the book is back in print. I know that we had a lot of members in the temple who were waiting for it to come back so they could purchase one.

And now that the big project is out of the way, other projects will be following.

Back to work!

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