July 5, 2009

Welcome 19 New Remetj!

Em hotep!

I want to welcome our 19 newest Remetj to the faith. There are likely to be more coming over the next few days as we're still gathering responses from our last class, but these members have already confirmed their desire to stay on with the faith as friends of our family. Quite an international bunch this time!

"Tree" B. of Colorado
Maria C. of Colombia
Ember C. of California
Renan F. of Brazil
Simon H. of Germany
Kathleen H. of Louisiana
Jeremy H., stationed in Iraq
Crystal R. of Georgia
Stephanie K. of Wisconsin
Emily K. of California
Karina M. of Argentina
Lucia M. of Argentina
Gus P. of South Africa
Elin S. of Sweden
Padme S. of Arizona
Katie W. of California
Kari W. of Indiana
Andrew W. of Scotland
Jennifer W. of Scotland

Welcome home.