April 25, 2010

A fresh new look....and some fresh news

Now that the blog's starting to look better, perhaps I'll be able to start using it again!

There are so many options now for communication, especially via Internet. You have email, your various website(s) and now all this so-called "social media." (Isn't all media social? I digress.) For a while I couldn't decide what anyone was willing or even interested in reading or whether or not to post here or there or which computer or which gadget was going to do what. Because I did my time in the media (undergraduate degree in writing followed by about ten years in publishing and magazines before I went back to school for Egyptology), I've always felt like I kept up with the various communication media and I try not to sound like I'm too old to be "up" on whatever's being used.

I've discovered I can't really keep up with the media over the last couple of years, and mostly for two reasons:

1. It changes so quickly.
2. I can't afford it.

Seriously. Between the computer and the netbook and the Blackberry and the various (gasp!) pen and paper ways that I still communicate I am still being left in the dust by the e-reading Tweeting YouTube iPad flavor of the minute. However, I think that I've finally gotten on top of linking various media together - which seems to be the way you handle it, by linking them so that one tells all the others like some mechanical version of telephone tag - and now you may actually be hearing from me more often than before.

That is provided I manage to make time for the Internet, what with all the events going on here at Tawy and elsewhere in the world with my people. I spent much of February and March on the road, had a wonderful time with my students and family in San Jose, Toronto, and New York City, and this weekend will be hosting a large group here in Joliet for a special intensive retreat in honor of the goddess Hethert (Hathor). It's exciting! It's moving almost as fast as your Twitter feeds! And maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to keep you all posted.

More posts to come, in which I talk about some milestones in the faith (more Shemsu, more Namings, more upcoming plans, a new way to read the Prayerbook) and some other things that have been on my mind.


  1. Em hotep Hemet!

    I recently discovered Ping.fm in searching for a way to easily and quickly use multiple social media sites at once. Takes a few minutes to set up and customizes quite easily. Pretty self-explainatory, too. It may make life easier. Literally, it's cut my 'surfing' time by about than half. Less time wasted logging in hither, thither, and yon.


  2. Em hotep, Tabau!

    Thank you! I'll check that out.