June 2, 2010

21 New Remetj! Welcome to our newest members.

21 new Remetj were admitted to the House of Netjer today!  Please join me in welcoming:

Kelly from Illinois
Barbara "Utusi" from Belgium
Bill from West Virginia
Lenny from Florida
Lora "Lina" from Tennessee
Monte from Iowa
Gregory from Texas
Laura from Rhode Island
Devon from Arizona
Rod from Iowa
Christine from California
Ruy from Oregon
Cody from North Carolina
Louise from New Zealand
Sara "Ara" from Florida
Iony from Brazil
Cullen from Arizona
Tony from Illinois
Greg "ASH" from Michigan
Louise "Kheru" from England
Katelyn from Montana

Nekhtet for the new Remetj!  Welcome to the faith.

1 comment:

  1. Em Hotep

    I appreciate this opportunity I had to know the Orthodox faith Khemetica. Despite my difficulties, I understand that the distance is nothing before the days of faith!