June 2, 2010

Four New Shemsu!

We Named four new Shemsu last week.

Congratulations to Takhemetaset, Senedjemsekhmet, Tasaiserqet and Iwa'atbast on taking Shemsu vows and becoming full members of Kemetic Orthodoxy!  It was a pleasure to have your Naming with such a "full house" in the IRC chat.  Namings are always very joyous events for us and all the more so when the rest of the family is present to watch them happen.

This week we'll be graduating a new set of Beginners and starting up a new Beginner's Class for the summer.  We've also entered the final part of the Kemetic season leading up to New Year (Wep Ronpet, 7 August) and so there's lots going on around the faith.  Are you excited?  How are you holding up on your goals for Djehuty's year?


  1. hi

    here takhemetaset, the newie ^^

    Djehuty's year for me are complicated

    in the year before, my father get sick, but now he is great :D

    my best friend let me, the university getting harder and harder, i found a job, but i don't pass, after the 3 month proving me.

    but i seen my favorite band (korn) in my country, i buy a netbook (is like a notebook or laptop), and oviously i`m a shemsu now, is super :P

    hope the next year get better

    i'm exalted for the coming year ^^

    senebty :D

  2. Les deseo todo el mejor en este año! Mucho amor!